Leadership Development

According to Deloitte, 86% of business leaders agree that success hinges on their rising leaders but only 13% have confidence in their rising leaders.

Identifying true high potential leaders and developing them is both a science and an art and many companies struggle to get it right.

Talent Edge Group offers customized leadership programs that address the needs of leaders at every level.  Through our years of working with HR teams and senior executives, we’ve identified some of the most common leadership development needs and designed programs that address them.

Level UP Leadership Foundations

This 6-12 month program is designed for frontline and emerging leaders. Each of the six modules focus on a foundational element of effective management. Topics include:

  • The Value of a Leader
  • Improving Performance through Feedback
  • Leader as Coach
  • Building a Strong Team – Working Better Together
  • Communication Essentials & Managing Workplace Conflict
  • Leading Others through Change

Building a High Trust Team

This 8-month program is designed for mid-level leaders and their teams and for senior executive teams that need to improve trust and teamwork to accomplish mission-critical objectives and create a culture of high performance. 

Sample topics include:

  • Strenghts -based team
  • Emotionally Intelligent team 
  • Overcoming the 5 Dysfunctions of a Team
  • Speed of Trust – the levels of trust
  • Pre-mortem team project
  • Developing our team charter
  • Real-life team project

The Prioritized Leader Program

The Prioritized Leader Suite is designed to help leaders at every level identify their current priorities, obtain guidance on how to correctly order them, and spread the impact of the priorities throughout the organization. This program can be implemented over a 6–12-month timeframe and uses a blended learning approach using video, workbook application and 1-1 coaching.

The Prioritized Leader program is scalable and relevant for company founders, CEO’s and their senior executive teams, senior leaders who supervise managers.

The Prioritized Leader program will bring Increased team clarity, alignment, focus and accelerated traction to leaders, teams and organizations.

The five prioritized leader programs with Talent Edge Group helped me focus my team on effective action planning. No progress can be made without first organizing our thoughts and weighing what is important and why. Wasted effort kills momentum and dilutes the vision. Having a clear and concise methodology that I can communicate to my team aligns our focus and gives purpose for each action. It has opened the mind of my team and we are able to implement change quickly. This model has become invaluable to me.

Dwayne Q.

Vice President Operations