We offer a variety of assessments to help leaders and their teams.

Talent Edge Group uses a data-driven approach to coaching and we work with a variety of assessments customized to the needs of each leader and situation.

Talent Insight is an assessment tool that identifies a person’s behaviors and drivers, helping to predict how and why a person will move to action in any given situation.

This report is useful for leaders and their teams:

  • As part of their hiring process to select the best candidates
  • To onboard effectively
  • As a tool to coach employees
  • As a resource for people development and to manage conflict
  • Available in management, executive and sales versions
  • Comparison reports between a leader and their direct report is also available

Talent Edge Group offers an array of assessment options for individuals and teams. Organizations may purchase assessments as stand-alone or in combination with coaching or a training event. We work with HR and. business leaders to define the specific area of need and the purpose of the assessment. We then partner with your organization to develop the most relevant and appropriate development solution to achieve business goals

We believe that all people have unique talents and skills, of which they are often unaware. Our goal is to help reveal and harness these talents, using state of the art Science of Self® assessments.

  • Research-backed accuracy

  • Custom action plans

  • Reduce conflict 

  • Team development

  • Improve communication

  • EEOC + OFCCP compliant

Many organizations have taken assessments worldwide in more than 58 countries and in 47 languages.