What’s Your Edge?

We develop authentic leaders who inspire others toward excellence.

We help companies thrive by partnering with them to select and retain high potential talent and develop and equip their leaders and teams to achieve more.

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What We Believe

As a company…The ability to innovate, continuously improve and compete in the global marketplace comes from the talent within your organization. People are the heart and are the true drivers of your ongoing success. We help companies compete in today’s ever-changing, unpredictable world by improving the capabilities of their employees and empowering them to meet the inevitable challenges of the future.

As a professional… your ability to make a difference and advance in your career comes from your individual strengths and talents. Your talent is your edge – it signifies the unique value you bring to an organization and how you achieve results differently than others. Your talent is the key to your growth and advancement throughout your career.

As a team…understanding how to work with people that have different personalities and strengths is critical to performance. Leveraging the talents of the group are what give teams their edge.

We are passionate about helping leaders be more self-aware and confident. We know that when leaders understand their strengths, blind spots and core areas of value, they will be more engaged and able to communicate, collaborate and lead others more effectively to achieve business results.

Talent Edge Group uses a strengths-focused approach that builds confidence in leaders and creates awareness of their unique contribution to the organization. As an expert in emotional intelligence, Natalie is able to coach leaders toward greater self-awareness, authenticity and trust that results in high performance teams and the ability to inspire and influence others throughout the organization. Natalie was a delight to work with. She is flexible and even more importantly, she stays relentlessly focused on achieving results for her clients.

Kristy L.

Human Resource Executive