We develop and implement competency-based leadership development programs to help companies build a strong leadership pipeline at every level in the organization from front line and emerging leaders to the C-suite. Programs include a blended learning and experiential approach grounded in proven adult learning best practices.

We work with HR and functional business leaders to identify key leadership development needs and design solutions that are aligned with business goals and strategies. A few areas that we commonly see include:

Front-line manager training and on-boarding – equipping new leaders with the foundational skills and behaviors to move successfully from individual contributor to managing others.

Leadership Foundations – equipping Mid-to-senior level leaders who lead other managers; operational, group or department managers; or leaders who work up, down and across the organization.

Advanced Leadership – equipping C-level & senior executives in the top three tiers of the organization. Those who have more than 15 years of management experience & leadership responsibility for 500+ people.

Talent Edge Group is a global talent development firm that helps companies improve employee engagement and leadership effectiveness by empowering leaders with self-awareness and training them on essential management skills.

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